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Fanfold Sheeted Rolls Pinfed Buttcut Die Cut

Materials   Adhesives   Printer Type
EDP Polystyrene   Permanent   To be used on:
Latex Impregnated Polyester Removable Dot Matrix
Matte Litho (Coated) Polypropylene   Tape Peel   Laser
Hi-Gloss Vinyl   Freezer (all temp)   Direct Thermal
Piggyback Fluorescent   Drum & Barrel   Thermal Transfer
Duo-Image Piggyback Fluorescent (Laser)   Patterned   Other
Duo-Image       Other   Make
Other     Model

Ink Color  & Copy   Roll Label Information   Quantities to Quote
Camera Ready Color 1      Wound In   Quantity Size Quoted
Typesetting Required Color 2      Wound Out   1)
No. of Colors Color 3     Labels/Rolls     2)
Reverses Color 4     Core Diam.     3)
Solid tint-color Color 5     O.D.     4)
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